Opening Night Red Carpet Gala-Open Bar Sponsored by TIto's Vodka and NJ Beer Co

Available: Sep 23, 2021 22:00
Until: Sep 24, 2021 01:00
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Opening Night Red Carpet Gala-Open Bar Sponsored by TIto's Vodka and NJ Beer Co
Venue: Landmark Loew's Theater
54 Journal Sq
Jersey CIty, NJ 07306
Opening Night Films
Nanjum (16:31) / Hell’s Kitchen (16:39) / Hungry Ghosts (17:48) / Hudson Falls (22:00) / Love and the Game (38:14)
Ticket Required:
Hells Kitchen Hells Kitchen

Hells Kitchen

Hells Kitchen captures a moment in time, New York City, 1978, and explores the power struggle inside New York's crime families. When mobsters and business associates start vanishing or turning up dead, Jimmy' The Don' Gallo tasks his enforcer and underboss Johnny Santorelli to find who's responsible.

As Johnny, who perfected debauchery and gluttony for the mafia, starts making inquiries and accusations, the carnage begins to pile up. But as shipments continue to go missing, paranoia starts to get the better of Jimmy.

Hells Kitchen blurs the line between fiction and fact and plays on the purported connection certain celebrities, politicians, and corporate power brokers had with the mob and with each other. Hells Kitchen, a film that might have some truth to it.

17 minutes
Hungry Ghosts Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts

Frank Duffy searches for his missing wife who has relapsed on heroin and disappeared. Day and night, he combs the crime-riddled streets, the crack houses. He even seeks advice from a voodoo lady who tells him his wife is being devoured by 'hungry ghosts', spirits who crave and eat away at the living. As Frank's obsession drives him closer to the edge, he risks surrendering his own sobriety and leaving his young son abandoned. Set in the drug infested badlands of Philadelphia, “Hungry Ghosts” shines a light on the city’s opioid crisis while exploring a family torn apart by addiction.
18 minutes
Hudson Falls Hudson Falls

Hudson Falls

The secrets of a small upstate town that revolve around an eccentric scientist (William Sadler) begin to unravel when a private eye from the city (Richard Kind) takes on a seemingly mundane job in an effort to rekindle a relationship with his ex wife (Jessica Hecht).

Filmed during the COVID pandemic , the first week production was allowed to start in New York, with no crew other than a cinematographer, a sound recordist and a set dresser.

Starring an all star cast including Richard Kind, Tara Westwood, Jessica Hecht, Robert Burke, William Sadler, and Chiké Okonkwo.
22 minutes
Love and the Game Love and the Game

Love and the Game

Based on the novel by Jersey City author, Daniel Ali, who also wrote and produced the film, Love and the Game is the story of Adriano de Souza, a young, Afro-Brazilian street hustler torn between a lucrative but violent world and Paz Montenegro, the woman he’s loved his entire life. When fate reunites the two of them after years apart, even though Paz is now married to another man, neither can resist the attraction and soon they put it all on the line for love. "But the Game don't stop," and AD is running out of time fast. The two lovers wrestle with their own pain and secret coping mechanisms as they struggle to balance life with betrayal and deception. Love and the Game exposes the truths of fast-life allure and the American lust for material gain, but also offers a unique and timely perspective of the conflicted, inner humanity of many of those who get caught up but whose voices are often muted.
38 minutes

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