Sci-Fi Comedy Block

Runtime: 01:36:15
Available:: Apr 24, 2021 18:00
Until:: Apr 25, 2021 03:59

SKITOZ (11:19) / Snatchers (1:24:48)
Total Time: 96:07 (1 hour, 36 minutes, 7 seconds)

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An old couple living in the American desert.
A beer.
A Joint.
And mosquitoes...




A rough-hewn Mennonite witnesses a meteor rip apart the skies on his farm, leaving behind a smoking crater filled with glowing corn husks. A lesbian couple unknowingly distributes the corn to un-suspecting Brooklynites through their food truck. An FDA agent with FBI dreams tries to track down a mysterious pod he’s only seen on Instagram. A woman in the midst of a late-20’s crisis is cleaning toilets when she starts noticing her co-workers changing.

Each of them has a key to the puzzle.

But can they figure out a way to stop an alien invasion before it’s too late? Or will they, too, succumb to the pods’ alluring glow? And how will they tell the difference between a Snatcher and a regular Brooklyn weirdo?

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